Tropical Garden Features

Turning Your Garden Into Paradise

Proud specialists in exotic & tropical plants & features. Visit our garden centre in Evesham today and explore all we have to offer!

Our Tropical Garden

A Trip to the Tropics

Discover the allure of the tropics right in your own backyard with our exclusive range of Tropical Garden Features. From lush, vibrant plantings to bespoke water features that echo the serene beauty of rainforest streams, our tropical gardens are designed to transport you to a world of warmth and relaxation.

Dive into tranquility with our custom-designed tropical water features. Whether it’s a cascading waterfall, a tranquil koi pond, or an ornate fountain, our water features are meticulously crafted to enhance the exotic appeal of your garden.

Stop by our centre in Honeybourne to get inspired or contact us to schedule a consultation. Transform your garden into a tropical sanctuary with Waterscapes and Gardens!

Our Tropical Plants

Our Exotic Range of Plants & Greenery

Our tropical plant collection is carefully curated to thrive in your garden environment, offering a splash of colour and exoticism. Choose from a wide range of species, from towering palms to delicate ferns, each selected for its ability to create a dense, green canopy and a year-round tropical atmosphere.

Let our experts help you design the perfect tropical retreat. With over 35 years of experience, our team provides personalised consultations to ensure that your tropical garden perfectly suits your space, style, and needs.


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